Spring 2015 Covey Headquarters Newsletter Available

Jason Sykes, Area Biologist
The latest edition of the Covey Headquarters Newsletter is now available for download just in time for the warmer weather.
As we begin to see a few 60 degree days, the doldrums of winter begin to fade away and the rejuvenation of spring takes over.  It is certainly my favorite time of year, as geese and ducks make their way back north, turkey flocks break up and toms start waking up the world each morning with some furious gobbling, and we begin to hear the whistles of male bobwhites and crows of cock pheasants as they stake claim to their own little slices of heaven.  Hopefully, those small slices of heaven include some really good nesting and brood rearing cover so that the next

Key Messages: 

We work with you and for you to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.
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