Jason Sykes, Area Biologist

The latest edition of the Covey Headquarters Newsletter is now available for download just in time for the warmer weather.

As we begin to see a few 60 degree days, the doldrums of winter begin to fade away and the rejuvenation of spring takes over.  It is certainly my favorite...

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Tim Kavan, Private Land Conservationist

Implementing wildlife habitat in these odd areas of a field can be a boon for both wildlife and the producer's bottom-line.

Center pivot irrigation systems are highly efficient systems which help conserve water, reduce erosion, and cut labor costs while supplying water to grain...

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Nick Prough, Wildlife Partnership Coordinator

Got cabin fever? Now is the perfect time of year to evaluate your existing wildlife habitat and implement some simple steps to refresh it for 2015.

As the recent cold winter weather across much of Missouri has had many of us rushing for the warmer cover of our houses,...

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Jason Sykes, Area Biologist

More quail are SAFE in Missouri and also have a new opportunity in an old practice.

As of mid-January, Farm Service Agency (FSA) county offices stopped accepting applications for the CP38 State Acres For wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) Bobwhite Quail project.  Why you may (and should)...

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Steve Hoel, Private Land Conservationist

Selecting the correct herbicide for the job can save time and money.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in all herbicides. Always read and follow the safety and application guidelines from the herbicide manufacturer.

Key Messages: 

We work with you and


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