Details for NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program 2014

NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program 2014
Name:NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program 2014

While NBCI 2.0 prioritizes where bobwhite restorations should take place, states do not currently have the resources to reach target densities across all the high and medium restoration potential regions of the BRI. The NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program provides the framework for large-scale habitat management programs for bobwhite using a tiered approach to landscape planning and action. This scalable approach may assist
landscape-scale restoration in states where resources and opportunities are currently limiting.
Most importantly, the NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program (CIP) establishes a range-wide restoration road map founded by collaboration with clear targets and
accountability. The program demands monitoring that will be used to measure success and foster learning among states. Over a decade has passed since the publication of the NBCI, this program will inspire hope for the future.

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