Virginia’s Bobwhite Bulletin, September 2012

The Bobwhite Bulletin is your electronic update on the status of Virginia’s Quail Recovery Initiative (QRI), a cooperative effort between several agencies, groups, and individuals to restore early successional habitat and the Northern Bobwhite quail population of Virginia. Our exciting work is on‐going and this newsletter will highlight selected thoughts, ideas and projects from our five Private Lands Wildlife Biologists (PLWBs) and three QRI Team Leaders.

Over the past year we’ve made even more progress in developing quail habitat throughout
the Commonwealth. From the Eastern Shore to Lee County in the West, we continue to see habitat projects being completed on the ground, most especially in our six quail priority areas. At this point we are beginning to see “quail quilts” of habitat pieced together, providing excellent areas for quail recovery to occur, and we hope that the best is yet to come.

Missouri’s Summer 2014 ‘The Covey Headquarters’

This edition features:

  • Small game in Southeast Missouri
  • Instructions for conducting breeding bird counts
  • Conservation Reserve Program mid-contract management calendar
  • Creating rabbit habitat
  • Southwest Missouri quail study and much more

Fall 2013 Upland Almanac

North Carolina’s fall issue of their Upland Almanac has some great information on the impact on songbirds of converting fescue to native grasses, a story on exotic species and research on impacts of growing season prescribed fire in longleaf pine stands.


North Carolina’s Upland Gazette, Spring 2013

North Carolina quail coordinator Mark Jones provides an excellent, in-depth look at predators, their impact on quail … and what the real answer is to predator impacts on a landscape level … in this issue of the Upland Gazette.