In-Service Workshops

Using Native Warm-Season Grasses in a Grazing System
Participants will learn the latest research-supported methods for reliable native forage establishment and grazing management to maintain grass vigor and animal performance through the summer.

This training is being presented by The Center for Native Grasslands Management and NBCI through a grant provided by Quail Forever and the Natural Resources Conservation Service in support of the Working Lands For Wildlife: Bobwhite in Grasslands project.

Topics covered:

  • Bobwhite basics, bobwhite habitat considerations in grazing lands
  • Overview of native warm-season grass (NWSG) establishment
  • Why use NWSG in your grazing system – animal performance and economics
  • How to manage NWSG forages – maintaining vigor and productivity, impact on bobwhite and other grassland birds
  • NWSG in complementary cool-season grass systems

Past Workshop Materials and Presentations