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New NBCI-Based Blog Tracks Virginia Quail Work

NBCI introduces a new blog for Virginia quail enthusiasts, Shell’s Covert, by Marc Puckett. Marc is the small game project co-leader with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the current secretary-treasurer and chairman-elect of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee. He will use this new platform to keep the public abreast of Virginia’s aggressive Quail Recovery Initiative as well as providing some national context. In this post, he warns agains confusing “inputs” with success. Go HERE to check out Marc’s new blog.

Field & Stream Magazine to Visit NJ Quail Project

Field & Stream magazine is partnering with the New Jersey Quail project to host a volunteer day on Saturday, April 9 at Peaslee Wildlife Managment Area at the intersection of Estelle Manor Road and Route 49 that will involve planting and brush-clearing to preserve habitats of local Bobwhite quails. The project is part of Field & Stream’s Hero for a Day program, in partnership with Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., writes Jim Cook, Jr. for For more detail, please click HERE.

Tall Timbers Posts Bobwhite Research Internship Position

The Game Bird lab at Tall Timbers Research Station is seeking individuals to participate in our internship program. TTRS is a private non-profit organization focusing research efforts on sustainable management of bobwhite quail, timber, and prescribed fire use. Long-term game bird research objectives include monitoring demographics on the bobwhite population here at TTRS and assessing quail habitat use in relation to prescribed fire, timber stand characteristics, and other management activities. The internship position that is available will be investigating various imprinting and pen-raising techniques on quail chick survival and productivity. Additionally, daily radio-telemetry will be conducted on 6 week-old released chicks to evaluate survival, home range and habitat use. For more information, click HERE.

Kansas City Star Reports on NBCI

Covey call: National initiative tries to bring the bobwhite back

Don McKenzie is leading a rescue mission.

The creature he and others are trying to save? The bobwhite quail.

That’s no small task.

The brown and white gamebird once was common in this part of the country, the object of hunting lore. Many hunters remember the days when bird dogs would regularly freeze on point in brushy fields, coveys of quail would rise in explosive flight and shots would ring out. But that’s mostly history.

Read more of Kansas City Star Outdoor Writer Brent Frazee’s story here.


Field & Stream: NBCI Findings Deserve More Attention

“Its (NBCI’s) findings are important, and should—like the plight of the bobwhite quail—be getting more attention than it is,” according to F&S’s Chad Love. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the slow, inexorable disappearance of the bobwhite quail is an environmental crisis. But it’s a quiet one, and one that many of us have let slip by without notice or comment, while much smaller and isolated declines in other, more popular game species like deer, elk and turkey, generate reams of publicity and debate. That has to change.” Read more HERE.

Restoring bits of Volusia County (FL) to the original: Growing longleaf pines

“Before settlers filled West Volusia, the nearly impenetrable forests of oak tangled with scrub oak, palmetto scrub and vines that we know today did not exist. Henry DeLand fell in love with the towering stands of longleaf pines surrounded by open meadows of grasses when he arrived. Two efforts, one private and one public, are in gear to restore longleaf-pine forests.” Read more of West Volusia Beacon Staff Writer Pat Hatfield’s story HERE.

Prescribed fire facing challenges

Properly conducted prescribed burns (also called “controlled burns”) have multiple benefits, according to Johnny Stowe, wildlife biologist for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. Prescribed fires help restore and maintain vital habitat for wildlife, including bobwhite quail and other grassland birds, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, gopher tortoises, and red-cockaded woodpeckers, reports the Times and Democrat of South Carolina.

Rx ‘Firelighters’ Keep the Flame for Restoring Georgia Wildlife Habitat

Visitors at many of Georgia’s state parks, wildlife management areas and natural areas this winter are in for a treat: an up-close glimpse of habitat restoration in progress as trained “firelighters” set controlled, prescribed fires to the forest understory.

These dormant-season burns, taking place outside most plants’ active growing season, improve habitat for dozens of native plant and animal species by opening up overgrown areas of the forest floor. READ MORE