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Toward this website’s role as the central source for all wild bobwhite conservation information, this page highlights current NBCI/NBTC-related messages, updates and news, as well as assorted other wild quail news items of potential interest from sources around the nation.

David Rainer with interviewed us at the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association annual conference in North Carolina last week. Read "NBCI Focuses on Bobwhite Restoration."

Georgia Wildlife Resources Division and the Longleaf Alliance recently hosted a Bobwhites and Longleaf field day at Silver Lake Wildlife Management Area, south of Bainbridge in Decatur County, with 25 landowners in attendance. Click HERE to read the full report on bobwhites and longleaf.

The Richmond, VA Times-Dispatch highlighted information regarding private landowner assistance with pine management practices for bobwhite habitat restoration (click here).

Timely rainfall and milder temperatures this spring have sparked excitement and anticipation not seen in years about the prospects for a rebound of bobwhite quail in Oklahoma.

"We're seeing better conditions now than we've seen in the past two and a half years," said Scott Cox, upland game biologist with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Read more about Oklahoma's bobwhite rebound HERE.

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