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Toward this website’s role as the central source for all wild bobwhite conservation information, this page highlights current NBCI/NBTC-related messages, updates and news, as well as assorted other wild quail news items of potential interest from sources around the nation.

Listen to "Call of the Quail" story on NPR member-station WVTF.

In the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s newest issue of Living Bird magazine, Jack Conner writes about the bobwhite’s plight and NBCI efforts to restore the species … and urges birding groups to get on board with the effort. Check it out HERE.


CATAWBA — For 60 years, Wysor Smith Jr. has listened for the mating call of the bobwhite quail, as a hunter and now as a conservationist. But over the decades since the 1970s, as farms have wooded over or sprouted crops of houses and businesses, the “bob-WHITE” call has faded and in places disappeared. Through state and federal programs, however, Smith and his family are restoring quail-friendly grasslands on their 550-acre Craig County farm. He only wishes he’d done it sooner. Read more HERE.

Tall Timbers is reporting a much improved quail hatch in the Red Hills region in the latest issue of their E-News. Read more at

Outdoor writer Ken Perrotte published a piece in yesterday's Fredricksburg, VA paper about NBCI and quail restoration efforts nationally and in Virginia and North Carolina as a result of our presentation to the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association's annual conference in Tennessee a few weeks ago. You can check it out at