NBCI 2.0

Essentially a range-wide prescription for bobwhite recovery, NBCI 2.0 includes a thorough update and analysis of the bobwhite’s situation range-wide, identifies 195 million acres of priority landscapes where bobwhite and grasslands conservation have a relatively high potential of success, and identifies specific management actions necessary for those acres to achieve respective state bobwhite population goals. The plan also identifies specific policy-level constraints to success, such as use of prescribed fire, changes in agricultural field management practices, the conversion of invasive exotic grasses such as fescue to native, warm-season grasses, and altering certain forest management practices detrimental to bobwhites and other species.

NBCI 2.0 includes a massive database with an array of custom digital applications – the NBCI Conservation Planning Tool (CPT) – that helps bobwhite biologists quickly analyze habitat prospects at bird conservation region (BCR), state, county or sub-county levels, and plan and implement projects for the greatest return on investment.



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Popular Summary: NBCI Coordination Implementation Program Popular Summary: NBCI Coordination Implementation Program

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A four-page summary of requirements for participating in the Coordinated Implementation Program to establish official NBCI Bobwhite Focal Areas.

NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program 2014 NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program 2014

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While NBCI 2.0 prioritizes where bobwhite restorations should take place, states do not currently have the resources to reach target densities across all the high and medium restoration potential regions of the BRI. The NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program provides the framework for large-scale habitat management programs for bobwhite using a tiered approach to landscape planning and action. This scalable approach may assist
landscape-scale restoration in states where resources and opportunities are currently limiting.
Most importantly, the NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program (CIP) establishes a range-wide restoration road map founded by collaboration with clear targets and
accountability. The program demands monitoring that will be used to measure success and foster learning among states. Over a decade has passed since the publication of the NBCI, this program will inspire hope for the future.