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Welcome to NBCI's Bobwhite Library, a central, one-stop repository of key bobwhite information. While here, you can:

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Recent Posts and News

Maintaining Quail and Grassland Bird Habitat in the Agricultural Landscape

Webinar Description: Northern bobwhite quail and many other grassland bird species have experienced significant population declines over the last several decades. Loss of native grassland habitat is one of the primary causes of these declines. The CP33 – Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds is a Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) practice that provides nesting and […]

Understory Herbicides for Bobwhites and Other Wildlife

Webinar Description: Herbicides are an important tool in both forest and wildlife management in the south and particularly in southern pine management. The common practice of heavy chemical site prep prescriptions in forest management may not be appropriate in stands where restoration and wildlife habitat is the objective. The webinar will address herbicide uses in […]

Native Vegetation Investments Pay Conservation Dividends

Webinar Description:Viewers will learn about native vegetation’s applicability to a myriad of conservation practices beyond wildlife uses through an exploration of the supporting scientific research applied throughout the tall grass prairie and southeastern grasslands regions. Topics covered will include soil conservation, water quality, air quality, soil health, forage, biomass and wildlife. Native vegetation has been […]

NBCI Issues 7th ‘State of the Bobwhite’ Report

The National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative’s (NBCI) priorities for the 2018 Farm Bill, a review of what the initiative has accomplished under the first three years Pittman-Roberson (Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program) funding, and features on bobwhite restoration work in Arkansas, Florida, Missouri and South Carolina are a few of the highlights of the NBCI’s […]

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