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Welcome to NBCI's Bobwhite Library, a central, one-stop repository of key bobwhite information. While here, you can:

  • wander the Multimedia Gallery for videos about quail and quail management subjects produced by the respective member states and others,
  • stroll through the Photo Gallery and enjoy fantastic photographs of quail and quail management techniques, and
  • peruse the Reference Room (at right) for the accumulation of pertinent reports, studies and meeting proceedings that have added so much to our knowledge of bobwhite quail.


Recent Posts and News

Fire Up Your Beef Production

America’s grasslands evolved with fire and grazing. Unfortunately, fire has been largely missing from rangelands for decades and in its absence range health has declined and woody encroachment is robbing producers of productive pastures. Prescribed fire is a proven tool to control woody encroachment and restore range health, increasing livestock production. Fire Up Your Beef […]

Forest Management for Northern Bobwhite Quail

Webinar Description:The loss of suitable habitat from changing land use practices — most notably more intensive agriculture, urbanization, and a dramatic decline in active, purposeful forest management with the use of fire—has had a crushing impact on a once iconic species, as well as numerous songbirds, pollinators and other wildlife. Our most effective habitat work […]

NBCI Issues 6th ‘State of the Bobwhite’ Report

A new campaign to support using native grasses in federally-subsidized conservation programs on agricultural lands and the creation of a new technical website tailored to the needs of state biologists for reporting and analyzing habitat assessment and bobwhite/songbird monitoring results are among but a few of the highlights in the 6th State of the Bobwhite […]

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