2013 NBTC:Unifying an Early-Succession Habitat Message Dr. Todd Fearer, AMJV

Appearing at the annual meeting of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee in Roanoke, VA recently, Dr. Fearer, coordinator of the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture, explained the history and role of joint ventures, the efforts and successes of the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture, and how many wildlife species benefit from their work.

2013 NBTC Awards

The National Bobwhite Technical Committee presents its 2013 Group Achievement Award and its Individual Achievement Award.

Quail Initiative

See how KDWP’s wildlife biologists help to prepare for a better Quail population during the springtime.

Jon Gassett Speech to Quail VII

Addressing attendees at the Quail VII National Symposium in Tucson, AZ recently, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources Commissioner Jon Gassett delivered a keynote address regarding the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (www.bringbackbobwhite.org).

Short Version of Dr. Gassett’s Address to Quail VII

This is an edited version of Dr. Jon Gassett’s speech on the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) to Quail VII National Symposium attendees in Tucson, AZ. Gassett is commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, and chair of the NBCI Management Board.