Fire Up Your Beef Production

America’s grasslands evolved with fire and grazing. Unfortunately, fire has been largely missing from rangelands for decades and in its absence range health has declined and woody encroachment is robbing producers of productive pastures. Prescribed fire is a proven tool to control woody encroachment and restore range health, increasing livestock production. Fire Up Your Beef Production is aimed at ranchers who are curious about prescribed fire, seeking cost effective range management. The video features ranchers who use prescribed fire on their ranches as they share their experiences related to woody encroachment control, animal performance, forage production, utilization, and economics.

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Fire Starter: Why We Burn

Conservation often means more than legal protection of land. At a recent controlled burn, fire manager Bob Bale explains why The Nature Conservancy uses fire to restore North American forests.


The Benefits of Prescribed Fire

The Nature Conservancy supports the use of controlled burning to manage landscapes that have adapted over millennia to periodic fire. The Nature Conservancy and its partners use professionally managed controlled burns to help maintain the health of forests, woodlands, grasslands, prairies and marshes throughout the South, the United States and beyond. Learn more at