Natives First

Natives First – A Native Vegetation Standard for the Conservation Title of the Farm Bill

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s technical and financial assistance traditionally relies heavily on non-native plant materials for soil and water conservation. While somewhat effective for those purposes, exotic plants generally provide poor habitat for many declining species of grassland wildlife. Native plants not only provide equal or superior benefits for soil conservation, water quality, carbon sequestration and forage, but also can provide excellent habitat for many declining birds and pollinators.

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NBCI is organizing a broad-based coalition of supporters who are ready and willing to help promote the native vegetation message. Signing on as a member of the Natives First Coalition, your group, along with all the other Coalition members will demonstrate a unified message about the importance of a native vegetation standard for Farm Bill programs. Becoming a member of the Natives First coalition does not require a financial commitment, only that you support the Natives First proposal. Beyond that, you can be as involved as you choose. We suggest you promote Natives First in your publications and action alerts.

Natives First Infographic and Fact Sheets:

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