Wild bobwhite populations have decreased by more than 80% since the 1960s.

And it’s not just bobwhites – numerous species of grassland songbirds, pollinators, and butterflies that share the bobwhite’s habitats also are declining severely. At NBCI, our mission is to restore wild bobwhite populations at landscape-scales by focusing on the restoration of their native grassland habitats.

What is NBCI?

NBCI is a unified effort of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee—a group of 25 state wildlife agencies, research institutions, and private conservation organizations. It is characterized by these key elements:

  • A range-wide restoration plan, NBCI 2.0
  • A Geographic Information System (GIS)-based conservation tool to help state biologists and conservation planners identify and achieve bobwhite population objectives
  • The “NBCI Focal Area” concept, which seeks to illustrate that habitat loss has caused the decline of not only bobwhites, but also an entire suite of grassland birds and other wildlife species
  • A small team of specialists in grasslands, forestry, policy, communications, and research who work at regional and national levels to further quail restoration efforts

You can help!

Never before have so many states and their partners worked together at this scale to restore wild bobwhites and their native grassland habitats. But we need your help, too! Contributions large and small are critical to maintaining our flexibility and the momentum we’ve built on so many fronts.

There are two easy ways to make tax-deductible donations to support NBCI:

  • You can DONATE ONLINE through the University of Tennessee Foundation, which will direct 100% of your contribution to the NBCI Gift Account
  • You can donate by check made payable to “University of Tennessee Foundation, Inc.” with “NBCI Gift” in the memo line, sent to:

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Office of Institutional Advancement
107 Morgan Hall
2621 Morgan Circle
Knoxville, TN 37996

Thank you for your support! Your contribution will help bring back bobwhites!