Quail on the Cheap … or, A Tightwad’s Guide to Bobwhite Management

Marc Puckett, Virginia small game project co-leader and chair of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee, writes a blog, “Shell’s Covert,” for the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative’s website, www.bringbackbobwhites.org. In January 2014 he turned the space over for a post from guest blogger Justin Folks, a private lands biologist with the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Virginia Tech. That post (below) generated response and requests for it in a format that could be printed and distributed as needed. (Note the techniques recommended here are most generally applicable east of I-35 and in other areas of fescue, thick sod grasses and woody management challenges.) Additional basic management information can be found in a brochure called “Bobwhite Basics,” at http://goo.gl/aT6En7