NBCI 2013 Annual Report

A report from NBCI Director Don McKenzie on activities, challenges and accomplishments during 2013.


19th Annual Meeting of the NBTC (SQSG)

The proceedings of the 19th annual meeting of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee in Roanoke, VA July 23-26. Theme of the meeting: “Appalachian Overlap: Where the Ranges of Quail, Grouse, Turkey, Woodcock and Golden-Winged Warbler Occur Together”

NBCI’s Bobwhite Almanac

BCI’s Bobwhite Almanac/State of the Bobwhite Report is an annual publication of the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) to provide a range-wide snapshot of population, hunting and conservation status of the northern bobwhite, Colinus virginianus, as well as a sampling of major efforts underway to reverse the bobwhite decline. This report is made possible by the financial support of participating state agencies, the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, and the University of Tennessee.

NBCI’s Bobwhite Almanac, State of the Bobwhite 2013

NBCI’s annual report on the “state of the bowhite” features stories on South Carolina’s new bobwhite restoration plan, the Bobwhite Brigade summer camps in Texas, the resurgence of bobwhites on Alabama’s Barbour WMA and the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas, new forest BMP project in Virginia to benefit quail, the impact of federal agriculture policy on bobwhites, and forest management as a bobwhite restoration tool.