UNT-Quail Newsletter – May 31, 2012

“In this issue of the Quail News, you’ll find that the North Texas Quail Corridor is growing rapidly with nearly 300,000 acres enrolled. The quail are calling! Graduate students Sarah Josephson and Will Newman have been listening for bobwhites in 4 counties with surprising results. Let’s hope it continues and we get a little rain…”

eQuail News,

May 21, 2012

By Leonard A. Brennan, C. C. Charlie Winn Endowed Chair, Richard M. Kleberg, Jr. Center for Quail Research Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is an agency that values research as a basis for science-based management decisions. Thus, I read with great interest and satisfaction the 12 April 2012 press release from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, “TPW Commission Looks to Science for Solution to Quail Woes”. The recent kerfuffle about closing quail hunting seasons as a strategy to restore dwindling quail populations in Texas has shown—yet again—that Texas Parks and Wildlife Department looks to science, rather than politics, to solve conservation issues. Hunters, anglers, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors in Texas needs to appreciate this point. In my view, this point seems to be overlooked far too often…

Rolling Plains e-Quail Newsletter, Vol. 4, #12

Dale Rollins declares Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” as the “national anthem of quail management,” provides an update on plans to translocate wild-trapped quail and renews request for hunter-shot quail samples for testing purposes.