Texas Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite quail in Texas, habitat needs and management suggestions, article by Alfred Jackson, Clyde Holt, and Daniel Lay.


Texas Quail Roundup, Dr. Thomas V. Dailey, NBCI Science Coordinator

The current widespread ebb in Texas’ bobwhite populations, combined with Texans’ intense passion for quail hunting and their willingness to pitch in to solve the problem, have catalyzed a recent bounty of research and management projects aimed to help restore their valued resource.  NBCI Science Coordinator Tom Dailey offers a professional overview of this vigorous activity, with perspectives about how it all fits together in the big picture of long-term bobwhite conservation.


Florida UERP Focal Areas

State map showing the location of Florida’s Upland Ecosystem Restoration Project (UERP) focal areas.

Florida Bobwhite Plan

The Conceptual Plan for Northern Bobwhite Restoration in Florida (Appendix 1) provides a description of the problem of northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) declines in Florida, as well as a roadmap for further planning. In the “Strategic Plan for Bobwhite Restoration in Florida,” overall goals and strategies to achieve those goals are outlined. However, instead of statewide quantitative goals, as first envisioned, a focal area approach is described. The basis of such an approach is that those areas throughout the state, that appear to have an adequate landscape of public and/or private lands suitable for restoration and management will be selected as focal areas. Then, as the process of selecting and developing these sites progresses, realistic goals can be established within the focal areas. Additionally, it is clear that because of dramatic changes taking place on the Florida landscape, long-term restoration goals are virtually impossible to project. Therefore, the plan recommends establishing goals in five-year segments with the latitude to make adjustments.

The overall goal is to identify areas in the state where large, landscape-scale habitat restoration is feasible and implement strategies to achieve sustainable and huntable bobwhite populations on those landscapes.