Kentucky: Road to Recovery, 5-Year Benchmark Report

“In April 2008, Kentucky released its inaugural northern bobwhite restoration plan. It was full of challenges, big ideas, new catch phrases like the “four P’s” (people, partnerships, pinpoint, and patience), and measures of success. This report is a product of that plan. It is designed to self-assess our progress – our successes and our failures. We’re pleased to report we have more successes than failures, but there’s plenty of room to improve. We intend to do just that…

“… We invested in the largest bobwhite research project in the state’s history. In collaboration with the University of Tennessee, the home of the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative, we embarked on a 5-year research project. Over 2,000 bobwhite were captured and released on Peabody Wildlife Management Area. Knowledge was gained, year around, regarding survival, mortality, habitat use, reproduction, evasive behaviors from hunting, and population estimates. We’ll wrap up by learning if hunters hunt the areas that bobwhite use. Information is power.

“Perhaps our single biggest goal of the first 5 years was aimed at generating hope. Hope in the form of habitat. Biologists have preached habitat for decades. Our landowner and sportsmen audience have grown weary of the message. Too often, habitat didn’t derive the intended result. Apathy became our enemy, success will be our savior. We bring you success! As a whole, our focal areas have shown overwhelming support for the habitat theme.”

Kisatchie NF Bobwhite Project

This is the approved project proposal by USFS District Biologist Jonny Fryar to create a bobwhite emphasis area in the Vernon Unit of the Calcasieu Ranger District of Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana, in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries and other cooperators.

New Jersey Northern Bobwhite Action Plan, Revised 2011

The New Jersey Fish and Game Council endorsed a report submitted by Division of Fish and Wildlife biologists on the status of and management recommendations for northern bobwhite in New Jersey entitled, The New Jersey Northern Bobwhite Action Plan. The action plan proposes strategies and tactics designed to perpetuate northern bobwhite and their habitats in New Jersey while providing opportunity for people to enjoy and use bobwhite on a sustainable basis.

Oklahoma Quail Habitat Restoration Initiative

Oklahoma’s plan, updated in 2011, identifies five focal areas. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) aided in identifying areas where restoration efforts are deemed to be most likely to succeed. The Suitability Model along with discussions with resource professionals, and information on local conservation needs, agriculture production, USDA program activity, threat of conversion and partnership opportunities were used to identify Focal Areas.