NBCI’s Bobwhite Almanac, State of the Bobwhite 2018

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Create Date September 25, 2018
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NBCI’s Bobwhite Almanac/State of the Bobwhite Report is an annual publication of the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) to provide a range-wide snapshot of population, hunting and conservation status of the northern bobwhite, as well as looks at efforts underway to reverse the bobwhite decline.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Jim Douglas, Director of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Introduction by Don McKenzie, Director of NBCI
  • Quail Tracks: Brief but important snapshots of quail activity in NBCI partner states
  • Achievements
  • Conservation: Arkansas Golf Course Boasts Native Prairie, a Variety of "Birdies"
  • Conservation: Delaware Hunters Can't Hear the Turkeys for the Quail
  • Working Lands for Wildlife
  • Moving Wild Bobwhites
  • NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program Update
  • "Natives First" Gaining Traction in Washington, DC and on the Ground
  • State Conservation Reports
  • NBCI State Agency Bobwhite Habitat Inventory Index
  • Bobwhite Hunting Report



  1. I own a 190 acre property in NW Illinois. 130 is a Land &Water Reserve. About 90-95 acres are re-created prairie and the balance is woodland & creek bottom . I heard a bob white calling for several days ( about 2 weeks ago) and then one day we saw him running across a mowed grass nob. It was my first ever sighting and hearing since we bought the property 20 years ago. Wondering if I should buy some chicks/adults and release them. If so, where is a good source?

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