Preview and Pre-order Request for “Beef, Grass, and Bobwhites”

A digital version of “Beef, Grass, and Bobwhites” – Quail Management in Eastern Native Warm-Season Grass Pastures is provided for your preview. If you are interested in hard copies for local distribution, please complete the form below. We will use this information to determine the size of the print run. Copies will be shipped to the address you provide when printing is completed. Case lot quantities are 93/case. When possible order in multiples of case lot quantities, e.g. 93, 186, 279, etc. If you only want a single or few individual copies it would be best to download and print the document yourself or connect with a state agency or NGO which is ordering multiple quantities. We reserved the right to limit quantities if necessary, due to budget constraints.

If you would like hard copies mailed to you, please complete the request form below.  Thank you for your interest!

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